Vegetable savoury pie

180 g of all purpose flour

3 egg whites

100 ml of skimmed milk

50 ml MFC oil (optional)

25g of fresh or freeze dried yeast

500g of fresh vegetables (cauliflower, carrots, potatoes, red peppers, broccoli)

100g of turkey or chicken breast or cooked ham 2/3% of fat



Coking time 90 minutes



Put the vegetables in a pan with some water and salt.

In the meantime prepare the pastry in a bowl, mixing the 3 egg whites , flour, MFC oil, the yeast melted in the milk and ham (ground in the mixer).

When the vegetables will be cooked and dried put them in the above mentioned pastry.

Stir and season to taste.

Line in a plum cake mould with some baking paper and put the pastry in it.

Put in a oven at 180° for 45/50 minutes

To know if the pie is ready insert a toothpick, if it remains dry means that it is ready!



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