Seitan sauce

250 g of seitan

celery carrot onions rosemary sage

1 glass of red wine

tomato pure ( 1 can)

chili pepper


cooking time 90 minutes


Let's put in a pan the minced vegetables with half glass of water or red wine (as desired), some MCFA oil (optionable) and some chili pepper (minced).

After 20 minutes in the pan we can eventually add some water if needed.

Once the vegetables brown, throw in the minced seitan (it has to look like minced beef), brown it and then add red wine and wait until the mixture gets dry.

Afterwards throw in the tomato pure and some water and boil it for 30/40 minutes.

If desired dried porcini mushrooms (previously soaked and then minced )can be thrown in while adding seitan.

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