Exotic chicken morsels

300g of chicken breast

2 cloves of garlic

1 ginger root (50g)

3-4 spoonfuls of soy sauce

Half lemon juice

1 spoonful of curry


12 hours for the marination of the chicken

30 minutes for cooking


Cut into small pieces, and then season it with cloves of garlic, soya spoonfuls and the ginger root cut in slices.

Stir with you hand for a couple of minutes then cover it and put in the fridge.

I always prepare in the morning for the following evening.

Let’s put now in a non-stick pan with lemon skin, until it shrinks.

Lastly we put curry and the lemon juice, still 3-4 minutes then it is ready.

Superb if served with rice or together with purèe (mashed potatoes)

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