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Crepes with meat and potato stuffing

2 veal slices (100 g) 1 boiled potato 1white egg 300 ml milk for the crepes 3-4 spoons of flour Tomato sauce Basil 1 clove of garlic Sage A glass of milk for the fake bechamel (made with half glass of 0,1% fat milk and 2-3 spoons of white flour) Cooking time: 45 minutes Boil the potato and cook the meat in a non-stick pan with...
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Meat and potato ball with onion and eggplant cream

Meatballs and potatoes 25 g Corn flakes crumbs 3 boiled potatoes 2 onions 1 eggplant oregan 2/3 ripe tomatoes or peeled tomatoes 300 g ground lean veal or chicken   Preparation time: 1 hour Mix the boiled pressed potatoes with the ground veal or chicken , do not forget to combine the cornflakes crumbs with a clove of garlic and a little bit of parsley...
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Potato tortellis

600 g of small potatoes 400 g flour 5 egg whites 2 leeks 3- 4 spoons of tomato sauce 100 g of bresaola   Cooking time: 2 hours With these ingredients we made 50 tortellis. We put potatoes in the microwave for 20 – 25 minutes (I repeat :smaller potatoes faster cooking) Put in the kneader 5 egg whites and the flour and start kneading. Mince...
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