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Baked seasoned potato

Ingredients 2 big potatoes 1 clove of garlic Some sage Leaves 2 slices of bread a little white wine Preparation Boil potatoes. Mince in the mixer 2 slices of bread, garlic, sage with some salt. Slice the potatoes approx 0,5 cm, or even less if preferred, place them in the oven pan and cover with bread mix. Sprinkle with white wine and put them...
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Morsels of veal with onion sauce

400-500 gr veal 3 red onions 2-3 spoons of tomato sauce paprika 2 cloves of garlic white wine For mashed potatoes: 2-3 potatoes, 1 glass of milk 0,1 % fatĀ  and nutmeg (optional)   Cooking time: 1 hour After trimming the fat off the meat, cut into pieces and put them into a non stick pan with garlic, the onions cut in rings and...
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Meat and potato ball with onion and eggplant cream

Meatballs and potatoes 25 g Corn flakes crumbs 3 boiled potatoes 2 onions 1 eggplant oregan 2/3 ripe tomatoes or peeled tomatoes 300 g ground lean veal or chicken   Preparation time: 1 hour Mix the boiled pressed potatoes with the ground veal or chicken , do not forget to combine the cornflakes crumbs with a clove of garlic and a little bit of parsley...
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