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Coffee cake

200g of flour 240g of sugar 200g of milk 0,1% 20-30 g soluble barley (We can say that the barley and coffee quantity may vary depending on personal tastes) 1 baking powder for desserts 1 baking paper sheet for the baking tray 1 baking tray (25 cm diameter)   Cooking time 45 minutes     Let's sift the flour and mix it with sugar and the baking...
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Cheesecake For the base of the cake: 125 g of all purpose flour 50g of groundcorn flakes 50g of sugar 50 ml of MCA oil 50 ml of vinsanto (sweet white wine)   For the cream: 400g of spread cream 250g of Greek yoghurt 100 g of sugar 2 envelopes of vanillin Cooking time 30 minutes plus cooling time   Let's knead the ingredients to make the base putting them...
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Ugly but good

250 gr of white flour 100 gr of sugar 100 gr of corn flakes (or the same quantity of dried apricot, plum, raisin) 100 ml of MCFA (medium chain fatty acids) oil 100 ml of Vinsanto (sweet wine) 1 pinch of salt   cooking time: 30 mins   Mix all the ingredients well and make small balls (23-25) and place them on parchment paper. Preheat...
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